February 16, 2008

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Tour of Peniche peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. The tour includes a visit to Peniche fishing harbour where lies a large fragment of a wooden keelson from an early XXth century three-mast Spanish merchant vessel. The giant broken artefact illustrates one of the many structural solutions of former shipbuilders in search of longitudinal stiffness (Photo: Peniche peninsula sighted from West. Credit : Câmara Municipal de Peniche).

Naval carpenters sawing a long and massive timber into thin planks. Peniche, 1970’s. (Credit: Peniche Municipal Museum).

1 : Site of traditional shipyard (wooden fishing boats) (desactivated early 2000’s).

2: Site of traditional shipyard (wooden fishing boats) (desactivated late 1990’s).

3: Modern shipyards (mainly steel boats).

4: Museum (XVIIth century fortress; mid-XXth century political prison) (Lat. 39º 21’ 12,13” N. / 009º 22’ 52.39 W.)

5: Giant keelson fragment from three-mast merchant vessel Compostellano II built in 1918, wrecked in 1946

6: Cape Carvoeiro: high rocky cliff. Berlenga island lies 6 miles offshore, clearly visible to the WNW.


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